Key Duplication Service

Key duplication services require a special touch to produce keys made to smoothly fit the lock. With all the hardware and drugstores now copying keys, you might wonder where to get keys made. That’s easy. Key King Mobile Locksmith technicians are licensed and insured, so if anything goes wrong, you’re covered. Plus, we can test the keys in the lock immediately after cutting, so if there are any issues, we can solve them.

Local Key Maker Near Me

If you want to get copies made so each of your kids has a spare key, leave it to the experts in Huntsville, AL. Key King Mobile Locksmith can perform key cutting and key duplication services and provide keys that won’t stick in the lock or fail to work. Can you say that with confidence about the local hardware store?

Key Duplication Service

key maker machine

Cutting keys is one of our specialties.

Key duplication is about more than making copies of keys by taking an imprint and feeding it into the key maker. What if you lose your key and need someone to make keys from scratch? We can originate keys that fit your current lock or create a new key.

Key cutting involves shaping a new key by removing material. This is still the primary way most keys are made. During this process, the original key is placed into a vice to hold it steady. Then, a blank is placed in a vice next to it.

A guide directs the movement of the original key as the blank moves against a cutting wheel. We then deburr the key, scrubbing small pieces of metal away with a metal brush. Key King Mobile Locksmith laser cut keys are more accurate than store-bought copies because we calibrate our machines regularly.

Looking for a Key Maker Nearby in Huntsville?

car key cutting machine

We can make new keys or trace and cut you a spare car key, house key, or office key.

If you need a car key copy or a copy of your front door key, call Key King Mobile Locksmith. Here’s a list of some of the key types we can copy or make from scratch:

  • Motorcycle keys
  • RV keys
  • Boat keys
  • Aircraft keys
  • Car keys
  • House keys
  • Office keys
  • Desk keys

We Have The Latest Key Making Technology

Key King Mobile Locksmith technicians can make keys by code and can also program transponder keys. Are you having a problem with your chip keys, key fob, or auto remote? Call us first for duplicate car keys.

Discounts Available

We offer a 10% discount to veterans, seniors, and students to make things a little easier for them.

Benefits of Working with Key King Mobile Locksmith

At Key King Mobile Locksmith, we understand the process needed to accurately cut and duplicate keys, both traditional metal keys and modern transponders. Our trained locksmiths can resolve your lockout or lost key problems. We stand behind our key duplication service with a satisfaction guarantee.

Trust Key King Mobile Locksmith with your auto, residential, commercial, and emergency locksmith needs. When you work with a licensed, insured locksmith in Huntsville, you’re dealing with a company with 10 years of experience serving drivers, homeowners, and business owners in the area.

Call the company that uses high-quality locks and keys hardware and parts from reliable manufacturers. Key King Mobile Locksmith technicians are waiting for your call 24 hours a day and our mobile locksmith service comes to your location in Huntsville.


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